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Safeguarding is at the heart of everything we do at Taddington and Priestcliffe Primary School. We all work together to safeguard every child in our school community. We all have a statutory responsibility to safeguard and promote the welfare of children and young people.

Our Safeguarding Team

Safeguarding Lead - Mrs Elaine Chapman & Mr James Handley

Deputy Safeguarding Lead - Miss Sarah Bellicoso 

Senco - Mrs Helen Woodruff

Safeguarding Governor - Mrs M Teeboon 

Online Safety Officer - Mr James Handley

Please visit the Safeguarding Page for the Federation to find out more.

Safeguarding at Taddington and Priestcliffe Primary School 











Derbyshire Safeguarding Children Partnership  have developed a website to provide easily accessible and up-to-date safeguarding information for professionals, and for children, young people, families and members of the public. 

Taddington Primary  adopts every safeguarding policy made by Derbyshire Safeguarding Children Partnership and they are available to view on the  Safeguarding Derbyshire website.

You can also view a copy of our school Safeguarding Policy by clicking on the attached document at the bottom of this page.

On the 9th December 2020 the government and the DfE updated their statutory guidance- 'Working Together to safeguard Children'. The updated guidance is attached as a file at the bottom of this page. The rest of the updated guidance can be found here:

The Barnado's website provides key information for parents and carers related to recognising the signs of abuse and how to support and protect vulnerable children:

Barnado's Website 

Our   community  

The  school  is  on  the  edge  of  Taddington  village  and  is  one  of  the  highest  schools  in                  Derbyshire.  There  is  a  strong  working  village  community  which  is  supportive  of  the              school.  Governors  accept  pupils  who  live  within  the  Church  Parish,  mainly  the  village,  then              outlying  hamlets  and  occasionally  pupils  from  further  afield.  The  proportion  of            children  eligible  for  free  school  meals  and  Pupil  Premium  are  lower  than  national              averages  so  too  are  the  number  of  children  who  have  an  education,  health  and  care                plan.


 Taddington   and   Priestcliffe   Primary    is   committed   to   safeguarding,   promoting   the  welfare   of   all   its   pupils   and   to   protecting   them   from   the   risks   of   harm.   The   Governors  expect   all   staff   and   volunteers   to   share   this   commitment   by   demonstrating   their  understanding   of   how   each   individual   adult   working   on   behalf   of   the   school   has   an  active   part   to   play   in   protecting   children   from   harm   and   promoting   their   welfare.   Our  links   to   our   local   community   are   strong;   we   share   safeguarding   advice   with   our  parents   via   noticeboards   in   school,   the   school   website   and   a   half-termly   newsletter.  We   have   good   transition   procedures   in   place   with   our   feeder   nurseries   ;   the   children  visit   school   regularly   prior   to   starting   school   in   September,   the   staff   visit   the   nursery  setting    and   parents   are   involved   and   informed   during   transition.  As   a   community,   we   have   to   be   aware   of   the   challenges   presented   by   living   in   a   very  non-   diverse   and   monoethnic   area   with   a   significant   number   of   parents   who   work   yet  find   it   difficult   to   make   ends   meet   but   who   do   not   qualify   for   universal   credit   nor   free  Public school    meals.    


Unresolved    parental    conflict    and    separation    can    be    another    common  challenge    to    our    children’s    wellbeing.  All    staff    must    be    clear    about    their    own    role    and    that    of    others    in providing    a    caring  and    safe    environment    for    all    pupils    and    must    know    how    they    should   respond    to    any  concerns    about    an    individual    child    that    may    arise.    To    this    end    Taddington    and  Priestcliffe    will    ensure    that    all    staff    (whether    permanent    or    temporary)    and    volunteers  know    who    the    senior    designated    leads    are    with    overall    responsibility    for    child  protection.    The    Designated    Leads    for    Child    Protection    details    can    be    found    on    Page  25    of    our Safeguarding policy.    In    the    absence    of    the    designated    person    we    will    ensure    that    we  have    a    member    of    staff    who    has    the    knowledge    and    skills    necessary    to    deputise.    All  staff    will    receive    training    during    their    induction    period,    and    annually    thereafter    in  order  that    they    are    equipped    with    the    skills    needed    to    keep    children    safe.  

 Taddington  and    Priestcliffe    School    will    always    follow    safe    recruitment    procedures    so    that    we    can  be    confident    that    all    adults    working    in    our    school    are    safe    to    do    so .

Taddington and Priestcliffe Safeguarding Statement 


At Taddington and Priestcliffe  Primary School we want our pupils to grow up as confident, happy young people. We want our school to be a place where everyone feels safe, secure and supported. We want teaching to be effective and engaging, and learning to be enjoyable and fun. We want all our children, regardless of their background or ability, to reach their full potential and to be proud of their work and achievements. We want there to be clear communication between school and home, and for parents to feel fully involved. We value, and want to be valued by our local community. We are dedicated to working together to achieve this  for our school. Our safeguarding arrangements are underpinned by four key principles:

  • Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility: all Staff/anyone who has contact with a child or young person including Governors and volunteers should play their full part in keeping children safe;

  • We will aim to protect children using national, local and school child protection procedures;

  • That all Staff/anyone who has contact with a child or young person including Governors and volunteers have a clear understanding regarding abuse and neglect in all forms; including how to identify, respond and report. This also includes knowledge in the process for allegations against professionals. Staff, (Governors and Volunteers) should feel confident that they can report all matters of Safeguarding in the School where the information will be dealt with swiftly and securely, following the correct procedures with the safety and wellbeing of the children in mind at all times;

  • That we operate a child-centred approach: a clear understanding of the needs, wishes, views and voices of children.

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