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After School Club

Our After School Club is called 'Taddington Explorers'. The club is managed by a team of experienced staff, and though school work closely with the club , the provision operates  independently from school. As such , separate registration forms and other information will need to be submitted to the manager of Explorers. You can find the links to the relevant forms and how to contact the club on the bottom of this page. 

Explorers currently runs each school day evening Tuesday - Friday until  5:00 pm at a cost of £7.00


What  we  do


£7 regular sessions or £8 for ad-hoc. We offer a range activities . These are mainly based on children's own ideas. We also have board games, dressing up and a range of books available every day, and some days we have karaoke.


For 30 mins a day (4.00 pm start), children are offered time to do their homework with support from a member of staff. We can't promise to be geniuses, but we will do our best.


At After School Club, we provide the children with a snack, should they want one. Children are offered toast or bread, with a variety of fruit or salad items. We are a part of the Aldi Fair Share scheme in which Aldi donate various produce for us

outdoor activities

Every day, the children can choose to play outdoor for the majority of the session. Favourite activities include football, roller skates, scooters and table tennis. In summer we also have water play. Children must be provided with suitable clothing as we go out in all weathers.

Indoor activities

We also have a staff led, indoor, craft activity. This is something different every day, and could be anything from painting or collages to making slime or play dough. Children can take what they make home with them, providing parents approve.


As well as a planned craft activity, children are free to make, draw, colour or construct anything they like, within reason. We also have a vast collection of board games and card games, which the children can play with as and when they like.

committee run

We value the opinion of every parent and child. If you feel you want to get involved with the club then please contact us for more information. Join the parents that make our great club happen.

book sessions online

Sessions need to be booked online for the half term in advance. If you require adhoc sessions, you will be invoiced the slighlty higher sessional fee. 

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