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Taddington and Priestcliffe Primary School is organised into four  classes in the morning and 2/3/4 classes in the afternoon. 
Here you will find information about each class and gain access to the class blogs.

Class 1 - Bears

Class 1 is a welcoming and playful place to be!  Miss K Furness is the Lead Teacher for Reception. Mrs C Beswick and Mrs D Gould also support the children's learning and development. This is a newly modelled classroom and class space. Our aim is to promote the EYFS through high quality learning environments both inside and outside the classroom. We are making a substantial investment in our early years provision as we recognise that a successful Reception year is fundamental to our school’s success.


At Taddington, we are clear that children’s achievements up to the age of five can determine their life chances. We do not accept the view that some will ‘catch up later’. Miss Furness ensures that reading, writing and mathematics in the Reception class are delivered effectively with direct teaching time every day. There are frequent opportunities for children to practise and consolidate their growing knowledge. We have worked hard in redesigning our curriculum so that  children are equipped to meet the challenges of Year 1 and beyond.


Playing and exploring, active learning, and creating and thinking critically define our approach to teaching in the Reception Year.

Class 2 - Tigers

Mrs Chapman is the Lead Teacher for Years 1 and 2. This classroom is bright, inspiring and engaging and offers the children many different learning opportunities.  Within the class, the children work independently and in groups to allow them to thrive and learn from each other to reach their full learning potential.  Mrs Chapman is supported by Mrs Beswick who assists with both year groups, facilitating learning in order to support their independence. Mrs Chapman ensures a broad and balanced curriculum is delivered in a safe and secure learning environment and inspires children to always do their best. 

Class 3  Leopards

Miss Bellicoso is the Lead Teacher for Years 3 and 4 in her focused, vibrant and resourceful class.  The children work with an increased level of  independence here and have every opportunity to develop as an individual who is confident, intelligent, polite and well-rounded. 

The children work in a very collaborative manner, whilst exploring a deep and varied curriculum. The children thrive and learn from each other throughout the year, with many opportunities for every child to show their creative, unique side. 

Class 4 - Giraffes

Class 4 is where Mrs Williams is the Lead Teacher for the Y5 and Y6 children. Learning in this classroom is highly targeted and personalised with even greater levels of independence. The children work to a very high standard and due to the consistent approaches to teaching and learning, pupils at this stage are true active agents of their own learning. Learning activities are meaningful and relevant to learners, driven by their interests, and often self-initiated with appropriate guidance from teachers. To put it simply,  student voice is at the centre of the upper Key Stage 2 curriculum and often, choice, in how they learn is evident. 

You may find the image below helpful in demonstrating how a typical week looks 

week view.JPG
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