School is now closed

(just for now)

' We care about each other' Our dedication to care for and support our children, parents and wider community remains central to who we are as a school. During this difficult time, we are here to help. We hope that you find the information on how to support home learning on this page useful. Teachers and staff will be working hard behind the scenes preparing future plans, carrying out professional learning and working on key school improvement priorities. In addition, they will be available via email and ready to give feedback and answer questions during the feedback windows indicated on the plan below.


Our staff are determined, positive and incredibly hard working. They are also human. Many have older parents, children and fall into the at risk category. Please be patient as we all try to help one another.


Should you not hear back from your child's teacher please email




Continuation of learning


The need for learning to continue  during our school closure is vital. Children have been given packs with materials and resources that are referenced in the year group learning plans below. They have also been given several passwords for our online learning platforms. 

We appreciate that for many some of these activities may seem daunting or overwhelming. Many of the activities and learning platforms will be familiar to the children, hopefully making home learning more straightforward. 

In addition we have added some key 'essentials' for each year group. These have been specifically chosen because they;                                 1) reflect the methods taught in school

                              2) give a simple video tutorial

                              3) require little explanation/teaching 


Scroll down to find 'key essentials' below. These may be of particular interest to those who have limited computers or other devices at home .

Finally, the last section of this page is dedicated to our 'incidental learning ' ideas. This section outlines activities (mainly outdoors or practical). Valuable learning can be gained in unlikely places! Many children who are fortunate to live on a farm may appreciate these activities.

Follow the link to access the interactice plan




Power Maths books have been sent home together with past writing tasks for children to edit, improve and re-publish. Passwords have also been sent home.

Teachers will aim to update learning plans as the school closure may continue.

Core learning plans

Pupil folders

selecting the right task for you

You have been emailed a link for your unique Google drive folder. Please do not share this link with anyone else. You may want to upload examples of completed work photographs or videos into this folder. Likewise, staff members may add additional work into pupil folders.


Remember, all of the tasks on the online platforms are highly personalised to your child’s ability. Many of these children will be able to access independently.

Let's all master handwriting!


Click the image and get practicing

Key essentials

Click for the video

After watching the video, try drawing objects on paper and writing the number bond Y1 and Y2 task 1

Try drawing the tens frame and 

using coloured pencils to add on. Y1 and Y2 task 2

Y1 and Y2 (2) word problems

Try drawing number bonds just like 

in the video Y1 and Y2 task 3

Draw baskets. Draw apples.

Write the number sentences

Can you draw images to represent

facts? Watch the video to find out how!

Draw place value charts and get multiplying! Watch the video Y5 and Y6 task 1

Find the area and perimeter of rectangles. Watch the video and draw your own. Y5 and Y6 task2

Y5 and Y6 (2) Area and perimeter 
Check our big maths page (curriculum tab) and attempt the next beat that level! (downloadable)

incidental learning

Please email pictures, questions and work to teacher email addresses and they will appear on the class blogs
Tigers Blog Bears Blog Giraffes Blog Leopards Blog

Home Learning Plus

Video based English lesson aimed at Reception to year 5 and 6
Available on Youtube and Youtube Kids

Reception & Y1




Y5 & Y6

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