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Community picnic

All visitors who will be attending the community picnic must read and follow the summary of control measures to help to ensure that our event is COVID secure. The risk assessment has already been shared with you via the school newsletter.  In addition, please be aware that you will be asked to position your picnic blanket in a specific zone on the filed that corresponds with the bubble that your child is currently placed in. This will help us to reduce contacts from outside of the bubble grouping. If you or your child do not currently attend school, please select 'other' on the below form. 

The school building will be closed and there will be no access to toilets. If it is rainy, the event will be cancelled. We hope that you can join us to say farewell to our Y6 children and welcome our new Reception class to our wonderful school community!

Summary of COVID secure control measures

  1. You will are required to book a picnic spot on the school website ( so that we can anticipate numbers and track contacts)

  2. You are asked follow the signs and choose a picnic spot on the side of the field that corresponds with your child's current bubble.

  3. You will wash your hands prior to arriving at school and when leaving 

  4. You understand that your children are your responsibility and that you should keep them distanced from children in other bubbles and maintain social distancing within bubbles where possible 

  5. The school building will be locked and inaccessible to all children and visitors. 

  6. The event will be limited to  1 hour

  7. You will not congregate with other parents, especially when these are from other bubbles.

  8. Access to toilets will be prohibited.

Booking form

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