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Reception world book day reading challenges

We hope you enjoy completing these challenges. Remember to complete all tasks to earn a free book! You should start the challenges on Monday the 15th of February and aim to finish on the 4th of March- World Book Day ! Free Books earned will be given out at school and all participants will receive a special certificate!


Find a comfy spot and enjoy listening to this story. Try to sit as we would expect during story time at school (quiet, still and calm)

Send in a photograph of you listening to the story or picture inspired from a scene in the book. Upload to the Google Drive folder here.


How many of these books can you read? These are the texts that you read in school. Start from Unit 4 and work your way up. These texts cover many of the sounds you have learnt in phonics so far. 


Can you dress up as your favourite character form a book and upload a picture to the Google Drive folder?

Can you act out a scene in costume from the book that you have chosen?


Can you listen to Miss Furness reading a passage from her favourite book ? Click here (coming soon)


Can you record yourself reading a short sentence from a book? Upload it here. Top Tip- you will need Google Chrome- try reading a section from one of the books set for task 2.

Upload work and photographs into this Google Drive Folder. Sign in with your child's Google Account

Upload your recordings here (Task 5)

Task 2- click to enlarge units 4- 7

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