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School results

Our school, like all good schools, takes great care to ensure that our children reach the highest possible standards whilst they are with us, and as they move on to High School. Teachers track the progress and attainment of each individual child and a particular interest in the core skills of Reading, Writing and Mathematics. Every 9 weeks we assess pupils in these areas to check that everyone is making appropriate progress.

School leaders take a very keen interest in the progress made across school and they support teachers as they monitor the achievement of their children.

At several points during a child’s time in primary school, the achievement of children is reported externally. Currently the times when this takes place are:

End of Reception - GLD: Children are measured as having a Good level of Development (GLD) if they score 78 points across all strands of the Early Years, and achieve at least 6 points in each of 9 strands.

Year 1 - Phonics Test: In June of Year 1 all children are tested on the knowledge of phonics. The Government sets the level for passing and this is reported externally.

Year 2 - KS1 SATs: Towards the end of Year 2, when a child is aged 6 or 7 and is about to leave Key Stage 1, the teacher assesses the levels they have reached in Reading, Writing and Mathematics and these are reported. These scores are used to make predictions of how well a child will perform at the end of Year 6 when they are 11.

Key Stage 2 Assessment Results

The school will meet the Governments targets if:

  • At least 65% of pupils meet the expected standard in English reading, English writing and maths or

  • The school achieves a sufficient progress in all of reading, writing and maths. These have been set by the Government as -2.5 in Reading, -3.5 in writing and -2.5 in maths and are a result of tracking the level of attainment for a child at the end of KS1 and the scaled score which a child attained in the end of KS2 test.

The school needs to meet either the attainment measure or all of the progress measures. The progress measure is important and shows the average amount of progress a child made from KS1 to KS2.

Due to a small cohort size, we are unable to publish pupil performance data. This is to protect the anonymity of our children.

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