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A smooth, gradual, positive transition ...

We recognise that for Reception children starting school in September, the transition from nursery school can feel overwhelming. Especially for many children who have not attended a pre-school or nursery setting, the school day can at first feel exhausting. It is crucial for us to get this right. Most schools around the country phase  Reception age pupils into school very gradually. We have outlined how we will support a your child's transition to Primary school below.


We appreciate that this may be tricky for full time working parents, though from our experience a gradual transition at the start of the academic year, though somewhat inconvenient for working parents, benefits both parent and child in the long run.  

This is how we will phase Reception children into school 

Week 1 

Wednesday the 2nd of September school closed for INSET

Thursday the 3rd of September 8:35-12:00pm

Friday the 4th of September 8:35am- 12:00pm

Week 2

Monday the 7th of September 8:35-12:00pm

Tuesday the 8th September 8:35-12:00pm

Wednesday the 9th of September 8:35-12:00pm

Thursday the 10th of September 8:35-3:00pm

( school dinner order necessary) 

Friday the 11th of September 8:35-12:00pm

Week 3

Monday the 14th of September 8:35-12:00pm

Tuesday 15th 8:35-3:00pm

( school dinner order necessary) 

Wednesday 16th 8:35-12:00pm

Thursday 17th 8:35-3:00pm

( school dinner order necessary) 

Friday 18th  8:35-12:00pm

Week 4

Full time attendance from week 4

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