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All of our pupils are offered the chance to take part in a residential visit during Years 3 to 6.  In the past, we have visited Whitehall and Lea Green  amongst others.  Aside from being amazing experiences, residentials are far more than a fun trip away.  From 2023 Y3 and Year 4 will start with a night away at Castletown and work  up to two nights away by the time we are in Year 6!



We see so many benefits as a result of our residential programme:

Children develop independence

Going on a residential trip encourages children to step out of their comfort zone and embrace the world without their parents. For many children, a school trip will be the first time that they are away from their family, which aids social development through creating bonds with their peers and use initiative to problem solve.

Children improve their confidence and self esteem

Whilst on a residential, children overcome challenges and achieve things that they did not think possible. This gives them a large confidence boost that they can take into other areas of their life and learning.  We see many benefits because of our residential programme.

Teacher and pupil relationships improve

Once outside of the classroom and in an unfamiliar environment, pupils often see teachers in a different light and positive relationships are formed. Teachers getting involved in activities alongside their pupils breaks down barriers of the more formal pupil/teacher relationship. When back in the classroom after the residential, pupils are more engaged with their teachers as they have a new found respect for them.

Residentials engage and motivate children with differing skills

Children who can sometimes struggle in a classroom environment are often the ones who come into their own in an outdoor setting. Taking students out of the classroom and into a more interactive environment is an excellent way to engage those students who can find academic work challenging.

Children make lifelong memories

Ask many children and the memory that stands out the most from school is a trip away! As proud of we are of our core curriculum teaching, when we ask children about their favourite memories of life at Dove Holes, it’s often memories from a residential that come up!

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